Dolphins and whales are majestic sea mammals that should be protected, not slaughtered and sold as meat. Yet Yahoo! Japan sells the meat of both dolphin and whale over the Internet in Japan.

These animals are hunted in some of the most inhumane ways you could ever dream up. Whales are chased down to the point of exhaustion, then attacked with harpoons with exploding tips. Then the bleeding whales – which are often alive and in pain – are dragged onboard the hunting boat for more harpooning or rifle shooting until they finally die.

The dolphin hunt is just as brutal. The hunters reportedly use deafening noise to herd the dolphins into a shallow cove, then hammer them with metal rods to the spinal cord until they bleed to death or drown in their own blood.

As if that weren't horrifying enough, dolphin and whale meat are unhealthy for the people who eat them. High mercury levels make their flesh toxic to consumers.

Yahoo, do the right thing and stop selling dolphin and whale meat!


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