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PETITION TARGET: Shriners International

The Shrine Circus still keeps wild animals in chains and cages, forcing them to do demeaning tricks and give rides for the sake of entertainment. In their most recent incident, a terrorized camel, forced to carry people on its back day after day, was spooked by a thrown shovel during the Shrine Circus in Pittsburgh, resulting in injury to seven people.

The Shrine Circus also forces elephants, bears, tigers and other exotic animals into a life of misery and pain, simply for humans’ enjoyment. Tell them it’s time to stop the cruelty!

Clearly, public sentiment is shifting away from abusing animals for entertainment. Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus shut down last year because people don’t want animals to live brutalized lives. But the Shrine Circus persists in keeping wild creatures in their shows. The trauma of training, traveling, and performing leaves no chance at a quality of life for the animals in this circus.

Sign this petition to let your voice be heard and to urge the Shriners International to stop supporting animals’ misery in their circus.