Sign: Stop Horrifying Snapchat Posts of Children Torturing Animals

Sign: Stop Horrifying Snapchat Posts of Children Torturing Animals

In a horrifying trend on social media app Snapchat, young people are recording themselves committing sickening acts of animal cruelty and posting them online. In fact, reports to the RSPCA of animal cruelty on Snapchat have spiked by 340% as children, teens and young adults film themselves performing shocking animal abuse.

In one post, a squirrel was set on fire. In another, a sheep was beaten to death with a golf club. Other disturbing Snapchat photos and videos depict youth cutting a goldfish's eye out with scissors, slitting a baby fox's throat, beating a puppy, choking a cat and breaking into an animal sanctuary to pull a goat by the head into an electric fence.

With hundreds of millions of users, Snapchat has grown into a massively popular app for young people. But what are they learning when they see their peers brutally torturing animals and laughing about it?

The RSPCA alone gets 3 reports a week of animal cruelty on Snapchat -- and that's just the UK. The actual number of cruel Snapchat posts around the world is unknown, and likely exorbitant. Because Snapchat posts are removed just seconds after viewing, animal abusers feel empowered to commit crimes on tape knowing the online evidence will essentially be destroyed.

As a company that influences youth across the globe, Snapchat has a responsibility to stop promoting animal cruelty on its platform. Sign this petition to demand that Snapchat take immediate action to rid their app of heinous animal abuse.

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  1. Natalie

    Snapchat was created as a way for people to communicate through images, however there are so many people who have started to use it to post videos of heinous torture towards animals, as described above, and not only that but, to post sexual content that many children and teenagers are exposed to. I believe that people should boycott this app. I have never had this app installed in my phone, and I’m glad. I don’t want to support this stupidity and senseless acts caused by a generation who would much prefer to have the approval of the crowd and the whole world, and sadly, not have any repercussions for said acts.

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