So-called 'cowboy monkey rodeos' are not just degrading and humiliating to the animals forced to perform, but are also cruel and dangerous. In this abusive form of "entertainment," a Capuchin monkey is dressed in cowboy clothing and strapped to the back of a border collie while the dog herds sheep around an arena. The dogs run at high speeds, making sharp turns and stopping quickly.

At these appalling events, which often take place at sports matches, the monkeys are at risk of whiplash, head injuries and spine damage -- not to mention the trauma of being forced to perform in front of thousands of screaming spectators.

“[T]his is a thoroughly disreputable practice, animal abuse for cash, cheap thrills for a few bucks and all at the monkeys’ expense” said Gary Kuehn, DVM, retired zoo veterinarian.

As you can imagine, animal welfare violations are rampant. These traveling shows have been cited by the USDA for keeping animals in unsanitary conditions, failure to provide adequate veterinary care, improper crowd control, and failure to make animal welfare inspections. Several years back, all of the monkeys, dogs and sheep in Team Ghost Riders were killed in their trailer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Please sign the petition urging the USDA to shut down these cruel operations and finally end the cowboy monkey rodeo travesty.


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