Sign: Stop Brutal Poachers – Ban Elephant Skin in the United States

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    No animals deserve to be used for there bodies, and killed without Mother Nature running her natural course. We need to teach the younger generation to love this earth and the animals in it! Go VEGAN!! No one needs meat or fur to survive! Animals are loving beings of light and are so beautiful and pure. This would be illegal if this happened to a human so why are animals any different. People who do these things should be charged as if it were a human life. Taking away a life and doing horrible things does not show strength but weakness it is a mirror that is showing what a person feels about themselves! Anyone who hurts someone who is not there own size and who have no voice and are helpless are evil and weak. There hearts are dead. Bring love and light to the creatures of Mother Nature and the beautiful that surrounds you. Show gratitude and compassion daily. Always fight for what is right and be the voice for those who need it.

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