At Laos’ Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, wealthy tourists can choose from a string of restaurants that butcher and serve the meat of endangered species like tigers and pangolins.

The area's shabby "zoo" is reportedly a facade for a meat farm, keeping the restaurants in stock of tiger meat, tiger wine and bear paws. Other animal parts come from illegal wildlife traffickers in China, Myanmar and other countries throughout Asia.

This gruesome exploitation of protected endangered species is cruel and illegal, and needs to stop at once.

The Laotian government is very well aware of the atrocity -- and even raided four Golden Triangle restaurants in 2015. But they failed to stop the horror permanently.

It's time to finally end the sale of endangered species' flesh. Sign the petition to tell the government of Laos to shut down every restaurant, shop and phony "zoo" in the Golden Triangle that profits from the death of endangered animals.

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