As President Obama prepares to step down and a climate-change denier steps into his place, the environment is in peril as never before. But one bold, important move will go a long way in blocking the incoming administration for wantonly defacing the planet for oil: Obama has signed legislation barring oil and gas companies from drilling in U.S. territories of the Arctic Sea until the year 2022.

If you agree that we must do everything in our power to protect the planet from greedy corporations and prevent climate change from becoming a catastrophic disaster, then please sign now to thank Obama for this crucial move and encourage him to continue using his time left in power for good.

President-elect Donald Trump ran on the belief that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese. He has now chosen a blatant climate change denier -- one who's pockets have been lined by the Koch Brothers and other anti-environment bigwigs -- to head the Environmental Protection Service. The Earth is not safe.

Arctic drilling is bad, bad news. It creates acoustic disturbances to marine mammal inhabitants, which affects their basic life processes. It increases the possibility of an oil spill -- and the sea ice and remote location will both inhibit proper containment, cleanup, and successful recovery if a spill does occur. And of course, the emissions released would cause serious pollution and health issues, and contribute to climate change.

By acting to protect the Arctic, Obama has made huge strides in the fight to contain climate change. Sign now to show your appreciation and encourage similar acts.