In a horrifying act of cruelty, someone stuffed three puppies and three kittens into a pillowcase and drowned the tiny animals in water. The perpetrator then discarded the animals like trash at a Queensland, Australia rest stop.

All three kittens and one puppy died from the cruel incident, but two puppies amazingly survived. They still had their umbilical cords attached, leading rescuers to believe that they were born the same day the drowning occurred.

A kind woman stumbled on the pillowcase, and took care of the surviving puppies until she was able to bring them to Off the Chain K9 Rescue. The rescue organization took the puppies in, and staff nicknamed them โ€œThe Lucky Two.โ€

These puppies are thankfully safe, but it is too late for the others so mercilessly killed.

Rescuers are concerned that other animals may be in danger, too. On their Facebook page, they wrote: "We are extremely upset and worried about their mother. We also believe them to be kelpie x and it's very unlikely that only three were in the litter so we are desperate for information that may lead us to others.โ€

The person responsible must be found and prosecuted before they hurt or kill even more innocent animals. Sign this petition to urge Biosecurity Queensland officers to put every effort into finding and charging whoever killed these tiny newborns, and bar them from ever owning animals again.

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