PETITION CLOSED – After ruthlessly throwing 2 innocent poodles from a rooftop in Oak Lawn, Illinois, Edward Hanania has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for animal cruelty. Thank you to all who signed this petition for justice!

An Oak Lawn, Illinois man is accused of throwing two toy poodles from the top floor of a suburban parking tower, killing one dog and badly injuring the other.

Reportedly, this sick man fraudulently responded to a Facebook post seeking the owners of two lost poodles. Twenty-two-year-old Edward Hanania was not actually the owner, but claimed the dogs were his, then proceeded to take the poodles to the top of the parking structure and viciously throw them to the ground below.

One poodle, 6-year-old Guera, did not survive the fall. The 1-year-old poodle, Angel, managed to live, but remains severely injured. She was lucky enough to land on the grass, or she likely would have also died.

Shortly after the horrific incident occurred, the dogs' true owner appeared on the scene, devastated.

"I had an elderly gentleman crying so hard and praying over the dead body and over Angel, and Angel's been crying for him now," said Linda Estrada of the Chicago Ridge Animal Welfare League.

This case must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and if found guilty, Hanania must be served a fitting sentence that includes a lifelong ban on possessing any animals. Sign the petition to demand justice for this malicious crime.