Dozens of pit bulls were found in heavy chains, hungry and suffering in the "chambers of horror" of a ruthless dogfighting ring in Long Island, NY. The dogs were scarred from bite wounds, and suffered severe injuries including broken bones after being forced to rip each other to shreds for profit.

The dogs had no access to food and water when authorities found them; none appeared to have received any veterinary care. Two of the dogs were in such bad shape, they had to be immediately euthanized.

Three men have been arrested for running the cruel home kennels of this dogfighting ring, and NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has denounced this as "an obscenely vicious and cruel form of animal abuse." These are positive steps, but it is now imperative that both police and the court system follow through with swift and impactful action that will help shut down this cruel and illegal industry for good.

Sign this petition to urge authorities to find and prosecute all individuals involved in this barbaric dogfighting ring, and enforce a lifetime ban on any of them ever owning an animal again.