A sweet cat in Reading, PA was covered in gasoline, stuffed into a trash bag, and thrown into a garbage truck -- where the bag she was in was crushed. Miraculously, the cat was not harmed; but whoever tortured her and left her to an excruciating death is still at large.

The cat was only found after two garbage men were finishing their trash collection, and heard meowing inside their truck. They opened the garbage bag and discovered the abused kitty inside.

The kindhearted workers brought the cat to the Humane Society of Berks County in Reading, Pennsylvania, where staff named the cat "Miracle Maisy." Workers began cleaning her up and found that the gas was so deeply embedded in her fur, she wasn’t able to get fully dry or warm. The only way to remove the gas was to shave off all her fur.

Poor Maisy is underweight and has severe skin sensitivity. Thankfully, she has no life-threatening injuries, but staff members are worried that the gasoline may have soaked into her skin, potentially causing neurological and lung damage.

Maisy is now awake and alert, and the Humane Society staff members are hopeful that she’ll make a full recovery and be able to go to a loving forever home. But even though Maisy survived, the person who tortured her cannot get away with their brutal crime, or be left to do this to another innocent animal.

Sign this petition to urge the Reading Police Department to conduct a full investigation into this horrible act of animal cruelty and bring justice to whomever is responsible.


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