At the “Bulls in the Street” festival last week, a bull killed himself after men lit his horns on fire in front of a cheering crowd. 

The bull was tied to a wooden post, unable to defend himself from his attackers. Desperately running about with his horns in flames, the innocent bull rammed his head into the post and died.

The bull died in tremendous suffering and fear, for no reason other than human entertainment. It's time to stop the torture and ban this cruel festival for good.

During "Bulls in the Street," which occurs annually in the town of Foios in Valencia, Spain, confused and terrified bulls are forced into the streets to run with throngs of humans. This year, the brutal festival made headlines when Bulls Defenders United posted a video of the horrifying bull suicide on their Facebook page.

Bulls do not deserve to be tortured for bullfighting, street festivals or any other purpose. It's time to stop this cruel "tradition" and finally end the horror. Sign the petition to tell the Spanish government to ban the cruel "Bulls in the Street" festival, as well as all other forms of entertainment that harm bulls. 

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