You need to see it to believe it. In the video below, hunter Sabrina Corgatelli from Idaho defends her trophy kill of an innocent giraffe – and trophy hunting in general –  on the Today show by saying:

“Everybody thinks we’re cold-hearted killers and it’s not that. There is a connection to the animal, and just because we hunt them doesn’t mean we don’t have a respect for them. Giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously, very quickly.”

I’m sure the giraffe would feel much better knowing that she (or he) had Corgatelli’s “respect.”

The adamant hunter also wonders, “how can you fault somebody for their hobbies?”

Well, when your hobby involves slaughtering sentient beings…

As sad as trophy hunting may be, there is hope yet. With people like Corgatelli and Donald Trump coming to the bloody “hobby’s” defense, sane people are starting to realize it needs to be banned – and pronto.

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