I’d heard the horror stories.

A close friend I’ll call “Pete” was unlucky enough to show up to a Venice, CA yoga studio on a day his holiness Bikram Choudhury appeared just long enough to lead a class (and rub up on the female students as they posed in awkwardly exposing positions). Decked in a shimmering Speedo and an over-inflated ego, he ruthlessly pushed the class through endless grueling asanas in the sweltering heat. The next day, Pete had red burn marks under his eyes from the ordeal. Who knew you could actually burn from the inside?

And now, there’s more than just anecdotal evidence of Birkam’s utter douche-baggery. As you can see in the latest Dikipedia video entry from HuffPost, the guru truly makes a mockery of everything yoga stands for, like mindfulness, good health and enlightenment.

From the fleet of luxury cars to rape allegations, see the truth about Bikram right here:

Shocking, no? My advice: Stay as far from this “guru” as you can.