When Jill was rescued from the wrath of Hurricane Isaac, she never could have dreamed that life could get this good. The 3-year-old animal was whisked away from the storm’s devastation, off to a cozy pad with all the toys and (vegetarian) treats a squirrel could ever ask for.

Now Instagram-famous, Jill has amassed an impressive 220,000 followers (and that number is likely to grow — her story is spreading like wildfire). Jill reportedly kills it at parkour, and does have one nemesis in life: The vacuum cleaner, which her human says terrifies her.

She loves to nibble on sweet potatoes:

And get cozy under the blanket:

Jill the squirrel snuggling in a blanket

She has a cat to keep her company:

Jill the squirrel and cat

And a dog friend, too:

Jill the squirrel and dog    \

No shortage of love for Jill, who truly seems to know how lucky she is:

Jill the squirrel snuggles