medium_10089497055Now that open enrollment for Obamacare is back, I’ve been meaning to peruse my plan options – but haven’t yet been able to force myself to do it. Apparently, I’m not the only one who dreads hitting the insurance marketplace. As a new survey from Bankrate reveals, Americans are loathe to go health-coverage shopping. In fact, 64 percent of respondents said that wading through insurance plans is at least as unenjoyable as having a tooth filled.

What’s more, 73 percent said health insurance shopping was as bad as getting the middle seat on an airplane, and 75 percent said it was as unpleasant as doing your own taxes. I actually like to do my taxes. But I’d take insurance shopping over the middle airplane seat, no question. And I certainly wouldn’t opt for the filling.

Pollees were also asked about their policy preferences; 44 percent said they’d prefer a plan with a low monthly premium but a high deductible, and 36 percent said they’d prefer a high monthly payment and a low deductible. Eleven percent didn’t know or didn’t answer, and just 9 percent said they’d prefer neither plan. I’m in the neither category – how about a plan with a low deductible and low premiums (which I already have, thanks to Obama)?

As Bankrate notes, part of the disenchantment with insurance shopping may have to do with the Affordable Care Act’s bad reputation, which it hasn’t been able to shed despite millions of newly insured patients (like me). I’d strongly prefer a single-payer system, but going back to the old way would be just plain wrong.