Lola the pit bull puppy got a glimpse of her own reflection for the first time ever — and the adorable dog was so excited about the view, she broke out into song. And while Lola may not be nominated for a Grammy anytime soon, her enthusiasm is utterly infectious.

The cooing, barking and warbling take on a surprisingly melodic tone, as you can see in the video below.

Does Lola know that it’s her own pretty mug in the bathroom mirror? Or does she think it’s another pit bull pup, who oddly has no scent? According to National Geographic, dogs are highly intelligent and do recognize images in the mirror as animals or humans. But self-recognition is a different animal (pardon the pun), and even human babies can take up to 2 years to recognize themselves. So Lola probably doesn’t know she’s looking at herself.

Nat Geo notes that many animals do possess the ability to self-identify, writing, “Amazingly, some animals have also cracked the code: Dolphins, elephants, magpies, and some great apes know they’re looking at themselves in the mirror.”

Whatever Lola thinks she’s looking at, her reaction is priceless.