Pikelet — the “ambassador for rescue & pound dogs all over the world,” according to his Facebook page — and his brother Patty Cakes (pictured above) have fully embraced their new family members, who happen to be two orphaned ducklings.

Careful what you wish for…#motherduckerWollongong Animal Rescue Network

Posted by Life of Pikelet onĀ Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Anything might have happened when the dogs’ human caretakers brought home a couple of tiny baby birds to foster (yes, those are real ducklings and not rubber duckies in the pic above).

But thankfully the dogs saw the ducklings — namedĀ Penguin and Popinjay — as more than just an easy snack. In fact, the canines just adore their feathered friends, as is evident in the ample photos and video posted on Facebook (like the video below — see one duckling give a mean manicure).

Penguin & Popinjay #spamPatty isn’t fond of the camera (as you can probably tell). However he is extremely fond of Penguin & Popinjay. All he wants to do all day long is check in on the duckers. Ma & Pa say Patty is in fact “mesmerized”. No sign of wanting to harm them, but still the rents will only let us hang out with Peg & PJay while supervised, cause you know… #safety ???

Posted by Life of Pikelet on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The unlikely family is fascinating to watch — which is why they were featured on the Today Show and have become a viral sensation.

Here’s hoping those ducklings grow up to be happy, healthy and strong — just like their dog brothers.