An angora rabbit in all her fluffy gloryYou know those soft, fuzzy angora sweaters that are so nice to cozy up to?  They’re made by torturing angora rabbits. While the gentle creatures are still alive (and fully awake), farm workers rip all of the hairs from their tiny bodies as they animals scream in pain. Help them by signing this petition.

PETA secretly taped the torture in action, and saw that many of the rabbits simply lie motionless in their cages after the ordeal, too shocked and scared to even move. Even worse? The process is repeated every 3 months.

While they could simply shear the rabbits rather than plucking their beautiful fur out, the farmer makes more money with longer fur. So ripping it from the roots is more profitable.

H&M, Topshop and Asos have agreed to stop selling angora. But Zara has not, even after learning of the inhumane practices. Sign this petition to help change Zara’s mind.

Help Angora Rabbits Even More

Even with more “humane” practices, there’s nothing moral about keeping rabbits in tiny, dirty cages just to sell their fur to human consumers. Along with signing the petition, check clothing labels and stop buying anything made from angora. No sweater is worth that ethical price tag.