Captive male orangutans dressed in Muay Thai costumes are forced to punch and kick each other in cruel "boxing" matches at Safari World in Bangkok, Thailand -- All for the entertainment of the laughing, shouting audience of tourists.

The female orangutans are humiliated, too. Dressed in skimpy miniskirts and bikini tops, they're paraded around as "ring girls" throughout the match.

To add to the degradation, ape "fans" guzzle from beer cans and then toss their cans at the boxers.

Many of these primates have been stolen from their mothers' arms in their native wild homes, and transported to the park to lead miserable, unnatural lives in captivity, forced to perform over and over again for the crowds.

This treatment of animals for entertainment is cruel and unnecessary, and needs to end. No living creature deserves to be ripped from their family, kept in confinement and trained to perform "tricks" they have no desire to do. Orangutan boxing is especially heinous because the animals are pushed to commit violent acts toward one another, with blatant disregard for their safety, let alone their dignity.

These orangutans belong in a sanctuary where they may live their lives as nature intended, and not as spectacles to appease crowds of humans.

Safari World, I urge you to stop destroying the lives of orangutans for profit. End the orangutan boxing show immediately.