UPDATE: On September 6, 2018, defendant Wakeen Best was found guilty on charges of animal cruelty, vandalism and burglary. Best will serve a three-year prison sentence for this horrendous and inhumane crime.

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Dunky, a tiny Chihuahua, never stood a chance against suspect Wakeen Best when the criminal smashed his way into Dunky's owner's car on the 7th floor of a San Francisco parking garage.

In a shocking act of cruelty, Best grabbed the innocent dog and hurled him off of the ledge, leaving the battered animal dead on the pavement.

Dunky's mortified owner initially thought the dog had somehow escaped and jumped off. But when investigators found broken glass and a trail of blood leading from the car to the railing, they knew this was not an accident, but a break-in that culminated in a horrific act of cruelty.

Best was identified thanks to dashboard camera footage, and now faces charges. It is imperative that the courts treat this case with the severity it deserves, so that this violent offender may not harm any more innocent animals or humans.

Sign this petition urging the San Francisco District Attorney's Office to prosecute Dunky's killer to the full extent of the law, and pass a lifetime ban on any contact with animals whatsoever.

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