In a shocking video posted on Chinese social media, a man swings a greyhound into the air and slams the dog over and over onto the hard brick floor. After the vicious attack, the greyhound lies limp in a pool of blood, dead.

According to Pear Video, the man had bought the dog for racing and placed a large bet to win. When the dog lost, he killed it as punishment.

Standing over the dog's battered carcass, the man says, "Dog owners, listen up. If your dog isn't good enough, eat it...It lost the race, so now I'm going to eat its meat."

This brutality must not be tolerated. Officials in Xiong County, where the horrifying incident occurred, must prosecute this man immediately.

Although China has no laws against cruelty to animals, betting on dog races is illegal in the country. Therefore, police still have authority to take action.

Sign this petition to Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai urging him to ensure the man in this video is arrested and prosecuted for this horrific crime, and to push for laws that will protect all animals of China.

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