In Indonesia, the "traveling dolphin circus" is all the rage. But while this show may be amusing for human spectators, it’s torture for the captive dolphin performers.

There are currently three circus companies traveling through Indonesia, exploiting 72 captive dolphins who were ripped away from their families and their home environments. The main act of this circus is an extremely risky jump through a fire hoop—a dangerous trick that’s an accident waiting to happen.

After performing, the dolphins are crammed into small boxes and hauled unwillingly to their next destination.

Beyond the clear risk of burns, this life in tight confinement is downright cruel. Dolphins are very intelligent animals—research has shown that they have the second-largest brain in the animal kingdom. Because dolphins are so smart, they become bored and stressed in captivity. They also often show signs of depression, and sometimes even perform self-mutilation. Some dolphins may have even taken their own lives to escape captivity.

But there is a hope for these poor dolphins: the animal rescue group Jakarta Animal Aid Network is currently lobbying the Indonesian government. They’re asking to take in the dolphins for rehabilitation before releasing them back to the wild where they truly belong. But right now, the Indonesian government is not giving the activists the permits that they promised them -- permits that will give the captured dolphins freedom.

Tell the Indonesian government that you stand against these dolphin circuses, and that the dolphins must be freed to live out their lives in peace.

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