In a shockingly callous display of cruelty, a New Zealand resident has started a hunting contest that rewards participants for killing cats. This sick individual has even created a video of dead cats being measured for points.

The so-called Morgan Score web page bills itself as the "first trophy scoring system for Wild Cats [sic]," and justifies the wanton killing of these animals by describing them as "a destructive menace in the New Zealand outdoors." While New Zealand should indeed take humane steps to control the feral cat population, this is nothing more than bloodlust, thinly masked as environmentalism.

Rewarding the public for shooting down cats is not only cruel, but poses a danger to the entire community. Furthermore, it is often impossible to discern a "wild" cat from a human's companion animal who happens to be outside. Both people and pets are at risk of being shot.

Sign this petition urging New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardernto shut down the Morgan Score website -- which directly incites cruelty and violence -- and ensure that this horrifying contest is stopped for good.

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