Research dogs spend life confined to a tiny metal cage, taken out only for brutal experiments in which they may be sliced open, force-fed toxic chemicals, burned, mutilated and tortured. When the experiment ends, the dogs are typically killed.

Texas bill HB 2490/SB 1930 would save many of these innocent lives by requiring Texas research facilities to make all healthy dogs available to rescue groups and shelters for adoption after the experiment is over.

To a lab dog, this bill could mean the difference between cruel euthanasia vs. years of happiness in a loving home.

Lab studies often last for mere months, after which the young, healthy dogs are euthanized -- even as willing adoptive owners are denied the chance to save them. It's time to end this travesty.

Sign the petition urging Texas Governor Greg Abbott to urge the passage of Texas bill HB 2490/SB 1930, "Relating to the adoption of cats and dogs previously used for research at public institutions of higher education." Helpless laboratory dogs are depending on it.


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