Throughout coastal cities in Florida, the destructive effects of climate change are killing and displacing families and ravaging the land.

Even as a seawall broke in Jacksonville, unleashing a foot of water and causing untreated sewage to flood the streets, Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio refused to acknowledge that climate change was a cause of the disaster and continued pushing for fossil fuel energy.

Studies have found that flooding in Miami Beach has gone up an astounding 400 percent in the past decade. And yet, even with the evidence piling up, Rubio remains in denial.

Because Rubio refuses to accept the reality of climate change, no laws are being passed that could help save Florida from future disasters. Rubio has even ignored requests from Florida mayors to simply meet and discuss the problem. He also continually denies climate change’s existence during interviews. Not so surprisingly, Rubio has accepted $637,273 from a number of different oil and coal companies, and is clearly acting in their interests.

If Florida remains on this path of destruction, environmentalists predict a bleak future for the state. A study from Climate Central found that throughout Florida, the sea level may rise four feet by 2030 and five feet by 2050, resulting in unprecedented levels of flooding. By 2100, Zillow predicts that over 900,000 Florida properties could be underwater. Not to mention the hurricanes.

Urge Marco Rubio to acknowledge climate change and begin creating measures to keep Florida safe from devastating flooding. Sign the petition now to tell Rubio that it's time to accept the reality of climate change and protect Florida’s vulnerable residents.