Ricky the poodle was found bleeding from the mouth on the streets of Ontario, California with a thick rubber band wrapped around his snout. The band was so tight, it cut all the way through to the bone. Ricky was literally starving because he couldn't open his jaw, and was in excruciating pain.

Poor Ricky suffered severe infection in his mouth and tongue, and needed immediate emergency treatment followed by surgery. The injuries were so extensive, he required 30 stitches and a liquid diet.

Ricky is lucky to be alive, and is now recovering at the Inland Valley Humane Society. However, his abuser is still walking free, a threat to the animals and people of the community.

Whoever tortured this innocent poodle must be found, before anyone else is harmed.

Sign this petition to urge Ontario police to make it a top priority to find Ricky's abuser, and send a clear message that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated.

Anyone with information on this case, please contact IVHS at [email protected] or call 909-623-9777.

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