Joe Nathan Goodwin of Crawford County, Georgia, came home to a horrifying scene. His beloved dog, Big Boy, had been shot dead in his yard by a deputy. But things were about to get much, much worse.

Sheriff investigator James Hollis soon arrived, and did the unthinkable -- he ordered Goodwin to cut off his own dog's head, put it in a plastic bag and take the head to the health department for rabies testing.

So Goodwin sawed off his cherished companion animal's head with a kitchen knife, leaving puddles of blood in the yard where three young children play.

Then his girlfriend -- crying the whole way -- drove the dog's head to the health department.

This is unacceptable. Nobody should ever be forced by police to decapitate their own dog.

The incident began after the dog allegedly bit a neighbor, and was shot by a deputy for lunging at the officer who arrived at the scene.

While decapitation for brain analysis is common for rabies testing, Goodwin should not have been made to do it. This is a job for professionals in a veterinary office, away from the eyes of children.

Sign this petition to the Crawford County sheriff's department demanding a thorough investigation of the case and the officers involved, and an immediate policy review to ensure that no animal owner is ever ordered to perform such a horrifying act again.

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