A tiny kitten in Covina, California suffered an excruciating death after getting stuck in a rusty steel-jaw leghold trap in someone’s backyard. When authorities finally arrived, the helpless kitten was in immense pain from a fractured right leg, and was underweight and malnourished from being unable to reach food. Sadly, the kitten was euthanized to end the suffering.

This tragic story is all too common. And shockingly, anyone with Internet access can purchase a cruel leghold trap --  just like the one that took this kitten’s life -- on Amazon..

Steel-jaw leghold traps are often used by hunters, who want people to believe that they’re selective with the animals they trap. But the truth is that they can’t control which animals get caught. One study found that 76% of the time, the animal caught was a non-target animal. (Trappers callously call them “trash animals.”) Even if the trapped animal is indeed a “target,” they endure unimaginable suffering with these inhumane traps, sometimes chewing off their own leg to escape.

People also use steel-jaw traps to keep “pest” animals, like raccoons and foxes, from entering their property, as in the story of the kitten. In these residential areas, dogs, cats and other companion animals are especially at risk.

Steel-jaw traps are barbaric and cruel, and should simply not be used. Please stand up for the innocent animals whose fragile lives are cut short by these torture devices. Sign now to tell Amazon to stop selling steel-jaw and all other leghold traps immediately.

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