When Javi the parrot arrived at Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary in September, she had plucked her body bald out of stress and smelled like stale cigarettes and rotten garbage. The only feathers remaining were the ones around her head, where her beak couldn’t reach.

Badly neglected and deprived of the mental stimulation she needed, Javi resorted to the over-preening commonly seen in troubled birds (self-mutilation is a classic symptom of anxiety for animals in captivity). Javi’s original name was “Hobby,” because to her caretakers she was a plaything to toy around with once in a while.

But Javi’s life is different now. “She is doing awesome! Full of personality and love! She is a rock star,” raved Tallgrass staff on Facebook. And Wednesday, Javi even said “I love you.”

Whether she knew the definition of that phrase or not, you can see in the video below that, despite her visually jarring baldness, Javi has pep, curiosity and zest for life:

We have decided to change Hobby’s name to Javi, (pronounced “Ha vee”) since no living being should be someone’s hobby. She is becoming more confident and loves to explore as long as I’m close by.If anyone would like to donate for Javi’s care as well as the others here in our care you can do so at our website www.tallgrassparrot.org

Posted by Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, Inc on Sunday, October 11, 2015

The feathers will take a long time to grow back, but the sanctuary is planning to make clothing for Javi to wear in the meantime.

Tremendous thanks to Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary for taking Javi in and giving her the TLC she needs.