A baby kangaroo tragically lost his mother when she was run over by a car in Cue, West Australia — and while his marsupial mom can never be replaced, the 4-month-old joey didn’t take long to adopt a new “mother,” albeit one of a different species.

Constable Scott Mason kindly took in the orphaned kangaroo, and the Cue police posted the video below on Facebook – as you can see, the joey climbs right into the officer’s shirt, and looks quite at home in this cozy “pouch.”

Constable Mason from Cue Police Station thanks everyone for their input into the naming of the cute little rescue Joey. Drum roll please ….. CuejoSpecial thank you to Jennifer Evans with coming up with the name – very clever indeed 🙂

Posted by Western Australia Police on Thursday, March 10, 2016


Cue police also tweeted a request for followers to help choose a name for the newly adopted baby. The winner? Cujoe — a fitting moniker that melds the location with the term for baby kangaroo.

Not to be shown up on social media, the nearby Wanneroo police force took the opportunity to tweet an adoption photo of their own:

Wanneroo police adopt a watermelon


Watermelon jokes aside, best of luck to Cujoe and in his new home. With such a kind and compassionate father, we think he’ll do just fine.