On October 27, Washington D.C. police officers responded to a fight between two groups of teenage girls. After breaking up the fight, the teens were told to disperse, yet a few of the teens still lingered in the area. Instead of using force, a female police officer did something different: she approached the teenagers and attempted to diffuse the situation. The Washington Post reports:

That’s when Aaliyah Taylor, a 17-year-old senior at Ballou High School, walked up to the officer and started playing “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” on her phone. Then she did the Nae Nae dance.

The officer, according to Taylor, laughed and said she had far better dance moves than that.

Taylor then propositioned the officer to a dance off, which was accepted under the condition that if the officer won, the teens would have to leave. What followed was a two-minute dance off which ended in a tie and a hug between the officer and teen. All the while onlookers recorded the competition on their cellphones.

The experience was a positive one for Taylor, who told The Washington Post,

“Instead of us fighting, she tried to turn it around and make it something fun. I never expected cops to be that cool. There are some good cops.”

Video of the dance-off went viral and many are praising the female officer for her actions, including President Obama:

When approached for comment, the officer asked to keep her identity anonymous, stating that it was how the D.C. police force handles situations every day and that she did not want to make the story about her.

Taylor, on the other hand, feels different. In an interview with Fox 5 news, she reiterated the impact of the female officer’s peace offering,

“It changed a lot of people’s minds because usually people out here saying cops are bad, but not all cops are bad. . .There’s still some good cops out here and that is one of them.”