Last week, three NYPD police officers from the 103rd precinct’s anti-crime unit caught an adventurous young goat who had escaped from a slaughterhouse located at Merrick Avenue and 180th Street in Jamaica, Queens.

Sgt. Mary Humburg and Officers Anthony Fernandez and Danny Gasperetti quickly decided that they did not want the goat to return to the slaughterhouse, and paid to obtain its freedom. “Best $40 I’ve spent,” said Humburg. “He was just a baby. How could I let it get killed?”

The young goat, now named “Merrick” after the street where he was found, got to ride in the back of a police SUV for a short period of time before being brought to a safe home at an animal sanctuary in Suffolk County.

The 103rd precinct posted pictures of the three NYPD officers and Merrick on Twitter, along with some light-hearted comments. “Sometimes you get guns, sometimes you get goats,” the precinct tweeted. “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.”

Merrick was not the only four-legged escapee in Queens last week. A cow sent to be slaughtered escaped and led cops on a challenging chase through the streets of Queens. Now affectionately named Freddie, the cow has since been rescued and delivered to Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue.

Both Merrick and Freddie will now be free to live out their lives at animal sanctuaries, and the NYPD can get back to fighting crime.