New York Cop Shoots Pit Bull For No Apparent Reason

New York Cop Shoots Pit Bull For No Apparent Reason

“Spike died wagging his tail,” said witness Irma Sue Santiago.

Spike was a pit bull who was guilty of nothing more than being a dog when NYPD Officer Ruben Cuesta encountered him in the hallway and decided to draw his gun and fire, leaving Spike dead on the ground.

Cuesta was on a domestic violence call to a neighboring apartment, and it remains unclear why he shot and killed the dog.

“He was like a big Snuffleupagus — a gentle giant,” owner Yvonne Rosado told the Daily News. “He was a member of the family … He would wag his tail, letting everyone know he was friendly.”

“I was screaming, ‘He’s friendly! He’s friendly!’ But he still did that to my dog,” she said.

Yes, the dog was barking when the cops arrived, and he slipped out of the apartment and into the hallway. But Spike was a good 3 feet away from Cuesta when the officer shot him.

And as the surveillance video below clearly shows, Spike was wagging his tail the entire time.

An investigation is underway, and the Daily News reports that Officer Cuesta will need to answer for his actions.

“In this instance he used the firearm, so now, as part of the investigation, he’ll have to justify what was going through his mind at that particular time,” said NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton.

But all too often, police officers who shoot dogs never face repercussions. Animal training should clearly be a priority for law enforcement, considering that an estimated 37% to 47% of American households include a dog. Only time will tell if Spike gets the justice he deserves.

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  1. Rick

    Police need no animal training. Owners need animal training. End of story.

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    • Shonda richardson

      What the hell? The dog did nothing! What are you a dog killer too? Officers who are to puss to walk past a non violent dog without shooting it has no business been a police officer! End of story!

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    • Ulty

      You’re completely wrong RICK. But, then, I suspect you need human training.

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    • Misty Harvey

      You are a douche! The dog did nothing wrong. Dog Didn’t attack, didn’t bite, was not aggressive! Trigger happy cop! Cop doesn’t need training…. He needs to be FIRED!!!!!

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    • june bullied

      hey doughhead did you see the video and read what happened? you must be a cop to make such a stupid comment. this poor pitty did nothing and once again a trigger happy cop with it comes to animals. so sick and tired of reading this. all cops need training when it comes to dealing with pets.

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  2. raju

    WELL,it’s like ,saying “Hi” by waving d hand & u ll be shot ..:P

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  3. Mary-Frances Ellis

    No excuse whatsoever to shoot this dog. No aggression from the dog & just plain stupidity by this cop. Why aren’t cops using pepper spray or stun gun if they feel threatened? Why immediate lethal reactions? This has to stop!

    On the other hand stupid owners who are not protecting their dogs by making sure the dog is safe & secure so this would have never happened. There have been enough examples for dog owners to keep their dogs safe from situations like this one. Protect your dog from stupid humans!

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  4. Linda Hutto

    Asshole!!!! No reason to kill this dog!!!!! He was wagging his tail!!!!

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  5. Sheryl Bass

    There needs to be a petition to sign to get rhis cop taken off the force!!!

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  6. Karen

    Hortid. Keep peys locked up when cops are around. ..

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  7. Laurel

    This has reached an epidemic level in the US. Your best bet is never call the police. If cities, counties and states can’t be bothered to get training, then we don’t need or want their services. It’s not just animals they’re murdering and getting away with, it’s people too. Just stop calling them. We shouldn’t have to throw ourselves in front of our animals and loved ones to keep them safe.

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  8. debbie stuckless

    well you miserable piece of work,without a soul or conscience,you could have had enough patience to let the friend or owner put the leach on the dog long enough to get him inside,the dog was acting normal,he was used to being allowed to check out noises or strangers by his home door,you are so cruel as well as others like you who shoot first and not give a phuck,dogs or humans there is no difference with some of you heartless cops, or glorified mafia,why is it you get away with it, i am heartbroken for this poor dog one of Gods creation or maybe you disrespect God who knows. i cry my heart out over a police dog getting killed but at least the people who kill those dogs get punished, but you dont get jail when its not one of your dogs. Sad world,sad time to be born with all the evil prevailing

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  10. Gloria chan

    Stupid man , pls don’t be a police.
    Hope the cute dog rip
    So sad to see that

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    I would of done what the lady at the end did and straight put hands on that cop. Good job lady.

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  12. Carol

    If police knocks at your door the appropriate response is not to unleash your dog, friendly or not. AND the officer should not have fired. Both parties are at fault, every situation must be looked at from both sides.

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  13. Nadine brundage

    very sad and should not have happened. Did not see any aggression by the dog , so why is he dead??????

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  14. kcn

    Sad…just completely wrong. No wonder the ninny found his way into the police profession–the whimp needed an excuse to legally carry a gun because he get scared just walking by an innocent dog. That poor excuse for a man should just go hide under his bed the rest of his life.

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  15. no

    And they always get away with the crap the do. Shoot them all.

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