Lady Freethinker (LFT), in collaboration with Horseracing Wrongs, is spreading awareness about the cruelty and senseless deaths involved in the profit-driven racing industry through a new billboard in the heart of Los Angeles.

The billboard, made possible by the generous support of Mark Matyazic, is sending a clear message to thousands of people each day: horseracing kills.

The billboard sheds light on the egregious cruelty happening at nearby Santa Anita Park and other racetracks throughout the country, where horses are dying at an alarming rate. From December 2018 to late January 2020, 49 horses have died at Santa Anita, the latest three dying in a short three-day span.

These poor horses are worked to death, and often forced to race with limb injuries. When the horse inevitably breaks his or her leg, the racetracks put them down. In warm-weather states like California, trainers and jockeys push horses to race year-round, injecting them with medication pre-race to deal with wounds and contusions. Yearlings are pushed to sprint in extremely hot temperatures, resulting in respiratory problems and heart attacks.

Making horses sacrifice their lives for “sport” is barbaric and inhumane. The horseracing industry needs to be shut down for good.

Please, help urge California Governor Gavin Newsom to shut down Santa Anita and work to end all horseracing in the state by signing Lady Freethinker’s petition.

SIGN: Shut Down Racetrack that’s Killing Horse After Horse

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