This new dinosaur is dubbed the "chicken from Hell"Scientists have discovered a new dinosaur, and they’re calling it the “chicken from Hell”  (it’s proper name is Anzu wyliei). This giant feathered creature was as tall as you or I, and sported sharp claws and a jaw that could snap the neck of her prey. (Be thankful she died off 66 million years ago.) Interestingly, this giant “chicken” probably also ate eggs.

This species is the largest of a type of dinosaur called the Oviraptorosaur. It’s not really a bird, but it is closely related. It lived in North America, and scientists have put together an almost-complete skeleton using fossils from several different finds. You can read the full article below:

‘Chicken from hell’ sheds new light on bird-like dino (via AFP)

Nicknamed the “chicken from hell,” a newly identified species of feathered dinosaur as tall as a human roamed North America at least 66 million years ago, paleontologists announced Wednesday. With a hen-like crest on its head, lanky legs like an ostrich…