NASA’s Global Climate Change Facebook page welcomes visitors with the following message:

We invite you to comment on our page, but we ask that you be courteous and cite credible sources when sharing information.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all conversations came with that disclaimer?

A story posted last week spurred hundreds of fiery comments against the “lie” of climate change and against NASA itself. Moderators of the page were unafraid to correct false information in the comments posted on their page.

If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the deep, dark abyss of Facebook comment threads, you know the kind of nasty and absurd stuff that gets posted online. It’s easy to get sucked into comment wars, but what about real-life conversations? Setting the record straight when it comes to the perils of climate change should not be a priority reserved for NASA’s social media team; it should be important to all of us. Next time you find yourself in an environmental debate, be sure to keep it smart and friendly by using some of these research-backed talking points:

  • Over 90% of all research on the topic supports the theory that global climate change is real, and that humans are causing it.
  • Higher global temperatures are not the only indication of climate change; in fact, at least 30 indicators have been identified and verified. That’s a lot of change!
  • Climate change has many complex causes, but one contributor is the incredibly high amount of food waste in our world, which increases greenhouse gas emissions. Just another reason to buy local and compost.
  • Even just two degrees of warning can reduce crop yield by up to 15%, increase flood risk by 10%, and increase wildfire burn by up to 400%. That’s bad news for our land, and in turn, our bodies.
  • Polar bears aren’t the only animal impacted by rising temps. Climate change is putting at least 1,400 species worldwide at risk of endangerment.

Check out the EPA’s website for more great information, FAQS, and credible resources about climate change.


Let’s all be a little more like Luisa. Keep spreading positivity as you work towards greater understanding and change. 🙂