Onlookers in Mumbai, India cheered on as a macaque was taken captive, tied up and humiliated in the middle of a busy market center. The monkey’s “crime?” Stealing food and tearing up pillows meant for sale.

After complaints from villagers, officials hired a professional monkey catcher to lure the animal with fruit and capture him. He then tied the monkey’s arms behind his back because he was being “uncooperative” — as if any being should be cooperative when being kidnapped and bound.

Oblivious to the cruelty, many residents appeared overjoyed by the display of animal torture.

Eventually, the macaque was placed inside a cage, where it was finally freed from its bindings and given food to eat. City officials say that they are going to move the macaque to live in Pune, by the countryside, where he would be far from city life.

Despite the joyous response to the capture and punishment, these action are no solution to India’s issues between monkeys and humans. Monkeys are known to cause mischief like ransacking garbage bins, snapping power lines, denting cars, and opening rooftop water tanks. They don’t scare off easily, and sometimes enter people’s homes. But no monkey has ever captured, tied up and mocked a human as they did to this defenseless creature.

Returning an animal to the wild is one thing. But to torture the creature — and revel in its misery — is far more barbaric than any “crime” this monkey has committed.