Have you been thinking about adopting a dog? Well, how about adopting a dog that was destined to end up on a dinner plate? Saved from a dog meat farm in South Korea, waiting out their days to become someone’s meal, 250 dogs are finding new homes in states across the U.S. — and you could be the one to provide that new life.

Earlier this month, Lady Freethinker reported on the incredible rescue of these dogs by Humane Society International (HSI). We reached out to HSI to find out more about the rescue and how the dogs were doing now.

In 2016, HSI made an agreement with the fifth dog meat farmer to shut down his farm. As part of the plan, all 250 dogs on the Wonju, South Korea property were relinquished to HSI. Due to the complex logistical planning needed to transport and place the high number of dogs, the dogs were flown in several shipments.

-Humane Society International, Outreach Services

Humane Society International Dog Meat Rescue

The rescue was part of a larger campaign to support dog meat farmers in transitioning to a different lifestyle, providing materials and education to grow crops instead of raising dogs for the meat trade. The rescue in Wonju was just one example of how persevering in changing the tide of a long-held practice can work well, especially if you can get local people involved. As part of the agreement, the farmer will share his experience and try to encourage others in the meat trade to try alternatives.

HSI will offer direct care, treatment and initial health and behavior evaluations to all of the dogs during their time at the shelter. The dogs will then be sent to a number of EPP [Emergency Placement Partner] shelters throughout the Northeast region within a few weeks of arrival. Those interested in adoption can complete an application form at any of the shelters and also visit their websites for more information on how to meet the dogs. All adoption inquiries can be directed to the shelter or rescue organizations caring for the dogs.

-Humane Society International, Outreach Services

dogs netThough the meat trade in Asia still causes the suffering and death of millions of dogs every year, many in the younger generation are starting to consider dogs and cats as pets and not food. Now, more than ever, is the time to keep the momentum going to put an end this practice.


To help support HSI’s campaign to fight the cruel dog meat trade, go online at hsi.org/helpdogs or send a check made out to ‘Humane Society International’ with ‘dog meat campaign’ in the memo field to Humane Society International, 2100 L Street, NW, Washington DC 20037.

To bring one of these animals into your home and heart, contact the shelters below to find out more.

Humane Society International’s Emergency Placement Partners

New Jersey
St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center
Monmouth SPCA
Animal Alliance New Jersey
Cumberland Country SPCA
Humane Society of Atlantic City

New York
Dutchess County SPCA

Lancaster SPCA
Animal Rescue League
Mastiffs to Mutts
Ruth Steniert Memorial SPCA
Rescue our Furry Friends

Second Chance Animal Shelter

Central Vermont Humane Society
Good Karma Rescue
Second Chance Animal Center
Humane Society of Chittenden County
North County Animal League

New Hampshire
Upper Valley Humane Society
New Hampshire SPCA
Greater Derry Humane

Larimer Humane Society

San Francisco SPCA
Santa Cruz Humane Society and SPCA
San Diego Humane Society

SPCA of Texas

Magnificent Mutts

Malinois Rescue