Texas resident Joe Ramirez killed a puppy with a shotgun at close range after the dog wandered into his yard, and was met by gunshots from a friend of the dog’s owner.

When the dog owner heard the first shot, she reportedly came out of her house to see what was happening, and witnessed Ramirez standing right over the dog with his weapon.

The dog did not survive the shooting; Ramirez was not hit by the neighbor’s bullets.

KENS-TV┬áreports that Ramirez was frustrated by the puppy, who on more than occasion ate his cat’s food and defecated on his lawn. He told officials that he did not mean to kill the dog, just to frighten him, and that he thought the shotgun was only loaded with blanks.

Both Ramirez and the woman who shot at him, Angela Cruz, are being charged with felonies. Ramirez has been charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal, while Cruz faces two counts of aggravated assault.