Looking at the neatly paved sidewalk, nobody would have guessed that a pregnant dog was trapped below, seemingly destined for death. But when Vadim Rustam of Voronezh, Russia and his family heard the muffled sound of barking coming from beneath the bricks, Rustam contacted the city’s housing authority for help.

Shockingly, he was told there was nothing they could do. But that wasn’t good enough for Rustam, who pried the bricks from the sidewalk and dug through the sand to uncover a pregnant dog who had been underground for two days with no food or water. Amazingly, she was still in good health.

It turned out that the sidewalk had just been repaved to fix a sinkhole, and construction workers had buried the dog alive in a cavity in the ground. There is no way of knowing whether anyone was aware of the dog as they covered up the hole.

Watch the video below to see the amazing rescue unfold. The grateful soon-to-be-mother dog is now in an animal shelter awaiting her forever home.