A black bear weighing nearly 400 pounds was lucky to have Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Commission biologist Adam Warwick around, who single-handedly saved the bear from drowning.  The bear wandered away from his home in Osceola National Forest to a residential area near Alligator Point, Florida.  When he was discovered shuffling through one of the resident’s garbage, wildlife authorities went out to capture and return the bear back to his home.

Once the bear was located, authorities attempted to sedate the animal with tranquilizer darts.  However, the bear decided to swim out to the Gulf of Mexico – and then the tranquilizers began to take effect.

The bear started to drown and Warwick jumped into the water, swam in front of him and tried to guide the bear back to shore. The bear flailed around, so Warwick put one arm underneath the bear and used the other arm to keep the bear’s head above water. Amazingly, the bear was saved.

Forgive the odd robotic voiceover, and take a look at this video that tells the whole story: