Lady Freethinker (LFT), in collaboration with Horseracing Wrongs, continues to battle the barbaric, profit-driven horseracing industry, introducing a second billboard in the Los Angeles area to educate the public on the rising horse death toll.

The billboard, made possible by the generous support of Mark Matyazic, drives home a persistent and clear message: horseracing kills.

Since the beginning of 2020, seven horses have died at Santa Anita Park in California. Golden Birthday “took a bad step” and broke his leg; Buckstopper Kit, Harliss, and Uncontainable fractured their ankles; Tikkun Olam died of a head-on collision; Double Touch’s “sudden death” at five years old hasn’t been explained; and Miss Romania, the latest death, injured her shoulder during training on February 12.

Tragically, this death toll extends far beyond one racetrack. Less than two months into the year, at least 44 racing-related deaths have been confirmed, and the horseracing industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Trainers and jockeys treat these poor animals as money-making devices rather than living, sentient creatures. They’re forced to endlessly sprint in the smoldering heat, race year-round with limb injuries and respiratory problems, and ultimately, sacrifice their lives for the sake of “sport.”

As the numbers continue to grow, the individuality of each horse gets a little more lost, but Tikkun Olam isn’t simply one of the 44 horses that died this year due to this torturous industry. He has a story. Every horse has a story, and far too many of them dismally end in a bodybag.

This must end.

Sign Lady Freethinker’s petition to urge California Gov. Gavin Newson to shut down Santa Anita Park and work to end all horseracing in the state.

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