Laughing Cops Take Turns Shooting 1-Year-Old Puppy

Laughing Cops Take Turns Shooting 1-Year-Old Puppy

On December 10, Chester, Pennsylvania police officers shot and killed one-year-old Bear, a mixed breed family dog, who had been rescued by his owners just months before.

According to Christie Fry, the owner of the dog, she first encountered Bear when he was just four months old. Three months later, she brought the injured pup home to join her family.

“Bear came into my life in May as a rescue. He was seven months old and had a broken leg. He was brought into my family and his leg healed better than expected without requiring surgery. He could run and jump like a normal dog. I loved this dog. I fell in love when I first met him as a four month old pup.”

But two weeks before Christmas, Chester police pumped eight bullets into Bear, as the horrified mother watched from her window.

Fry says that she heard Bear barking in the backyard at about 10:00 am that morning. There was construction going on at the house next door. She explains that Bear was securely hooked up on a tie out in the yard, so she didn’t see his barking as a cause for concern.

About ten minutes later she heard the first gun shots.

I hear two gunshots. As I’m getting up I hear the third. As soon as I’m standing, I can see out my side window. Police. Fourth shot. I look at what they’re doing and see my dog on the ground. My dog starts screaming. I scream. More shots. Five, six, seven, eight. There’s two cops taking turns shooting him with smiles on their faces.

Fry says she ran out the door, yelling “What the hell?”

One of the officers asked “Is this your dog?”

She says that after she told them “yes” and tried to asked what happened.

The response she was given is even more disturbing.

The officer said, “Well you don’t have a dog anymore. He’s done now!” and laughed in my face.

She goes on to say,

My one-year-old puppy that I did everything in my power to save was laying there dead. They shot my dog like he was a human coming at them with a gun.

Bear was killed less than two feet from his own dog house, located near the fence that separates Christie Fry’s property from the house next door.

In this image, a police officer photographs Bear’s dead body:


In a subsequent report filed by the police, officers claimed that they had received “complaints” about Bear.

Christie Fry says she was never informed of any complaints from anyone.

She was at home at the time that police, accompanied by an animal control officer, came to her home. No one ever knocked on her door or made an effort to contact her.

Instead it appears that the cops and the animal control officer went directly to the Fry’s backyard, where Bear was barking and restrained.

According to animal control, Bear conveniently “broke loose from his tie-out” at that time. He claims that Bear knocked him over. He denies that the dog ever bit him or even tried to bite him.

Even if the puppy did knock him down, which is doubtful, why was it necessary for cops to shoot him eight times?

Christie Fry has started a Go Fund Me page to raise the money to hire a lawyer. As she points out here, the area around Bear’s dog house is bare dirt, as is the neighboring yard. Yet she says that there was not a speck of dust or dirt on the animal control officer’s suit, even though he claimed that he was knocked into the dirt by an overly zealous puppy.

Fry acknowledges on her Go Fund Me page that “Bear was a barker.” Was he just getting on the nerves of the construction crew next door?

If there were complaints about Bear, police have yet to provide his owner with any details of those complaints.

This is not the first time that Chester police have come under fire for killing a dog.

In 2013, shocked bystanders captured video of officers opening fire on a pickup truck that was occupied by dogs. The truck was parked directly in front of the high school. Police opened fire, shooting toward both the truck and the school during the student lunch period.

Article originally appeared on Addicting Info

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  1. t. Taylor

    Can I sign a petition to get the Basturds off the force?

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    • Jean Smith.

      They were trespassing surely?. I know dogs constantly barking drives you barmy but the first step is to have a word with the dogs owner. The next if the dog continues barking is report it to a local authority for noise and antisocial behaviour. The police had no rights to kill this poor dog and should themselves be prosecute and the control officer too. RIP poor Bear, xx

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      • Karen

        They should be prosecuted for animal cruelty. My understanding is it carries the same weight as manslaughter now.

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  2. Pat Mazzoni

    Poor Bear. There is no excuse for the police to open fire on Bear this way. It sounds like a bunch of gun happy men with bloodlust, whose power was way out of control. These individuals should be fired. They showed no restraint and the next living creature they shoot go kill could be human.

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  3. heather vargas

    So sad and wrong these cops need to be retrained if a sweet dog on a lead scared them that much they need another job my heart is broken this poor angel and his family had to be so upset these cops need to be charged and justice for bear

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  4. Zhor Badou

    Pls, authorities, prosecute those sadistic cops, and sentence them severely! I trust your justice. Thank you so much.

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  5. Karen

    People who do things like this are psychopaths. They should not be allowed to be part of police enforcement or military. These sadists should do jail time. What a horror.

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  6. Sabrina

    I hope these guys go to jail for animal cruelty! It’s not because you are a f***en cop that you can break the law and destroy lives! RIP Bear, may justice be served in your honor.

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  7. Samar grandjean

    Animal cruelty is not and never to accept!

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  8. Debbie S

    The owners need to contact “the Lexus Project” by going to their website and following the instructions there. They have been successful in winning these types of cases. Please someone tell them to contact these people for help … they find attorneys willing to help pro bono and they help guide the attorney with the relevant cases that have been successful in court in other cases. They have set many legal precedents in court already!

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  9. Kathy

    Animal cruelty is a federal crime as of 1/1/2016 I do believe. I hope they both get charged with animal cruelty!

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  10. Debra Libby

    The police killing these dogs have gone to far!! And on their own property?? I would sue and then see that t h e officers were suspended!!

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  11. Dorry Thompson

    Any cop that enjoys killing a harmless dog in his own backyard must be prosecuted. They are not fit to protect the public because they are too stupid and cruel to carry guns.

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  12. Kathy

    I would have lost it on these “men”. Yes we should stop nuisance barking, which I do with my dogs also but multiple shooting of a puppy restrained there is NO good, bad, or other reason to do this.

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  13. Aurora madrigal

    Any legal action taken by the community? This could have been anyone’s dog or child. I would start with the state review. Nothing local. Small town, city, small minds. Small pockets filled with little bits of cash.

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  14. Merryl G

    Yet the monsters that are occupying the Malheur Wildlife Rescue, walking around with guns and ammo are laughing at the cops, the government and the BLM.

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    • Jenna Hopkins

      Cops have napoleons syndrome. They have no control at home so they think when they dress in uniforms it makes them superman! On more than one occasion and even with humans they are trigger happy. You defend them. You must roll in mud too!’

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  15. Marcia Melanson

    Christie Frye. I am so terribly sorry for your loss of precious Bear. You did so much to save him and then he is murdered. Oh, I cannot even begin to imagine having to see this happening to your baby. RIP dear bear. You were loved if only for a short time. I wish you the best Christie. They need to pay for this life.

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  16. Dee Reyna

    I think the POS should be prosecuted however, I have to ask the question why was the dog tied up in the yard? You did say you live in Pennsylvania? I’m sure its pretty cold there. Dog are not yard ornaments, you shouldn’t have a dog if you’re not going to give it a good life and be tied all the time is not a good life. You should have brought the dog in the house especially if you new the construction noise was making Bear nervous. So, you have to take some of the blame. Now, back to the POS who shot him, everyone should call the police Dept. and demand that they are fired and prosecuted.

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  17. alva

    why the hell does this country allow police bastards work for society?

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  18. Joan

    I will sign a potion to have these offices charged & punished for this horrible show of injustice.

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  19. Kygurl

    The Police Officer need to be kicked off the force and why don’t you just shoot them in the foot and let them see how it feels I don’t think they would be laughing then but of course they would YELL ABUSE which is exactly what they were doing abusing an innnocent animal that does not have the brain a human has or is suppose to have to know the differnce between right and wrong but it appears these Officer might very well not have a brain either they for sure do not have a HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. marianne lang

    I doubt they were policemen at all. Maybe just wanna be cops dressed up, because in the real world where Animal Cruelty is against the law, they would have with no doubt been fired! That is just absurd for them to just shoot a dog on a tie on in his own back yard when the owners were at home. A real policeman would have knocked on the door to give the owners to keep dog in house or some other option. Shoot to kill is NOT an option!!! And if they were cops…..shame on them and the department that hired them!!!!!

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  21. Angela Dorsey

    What a bunch of low lives who are suppose to protect and service. It is police like them that give other police a bad name.
    R. I. P. Bear and I hope those police get what they deserve.

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  22. Pauline Dwyer

    Disgusting Bastards Hope they Rot in Hell!

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  23. Lisa

    Sorry but if I witnessed my baby being shot like this he would not be the only one to go down that day , shame on them !!!!! Rip Bear … ????

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  24. Jen

    Contact the Fliszar Firm. She is current involved in a case of a cat shooting in Catasauqua, PA.

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  25. Sabrina Guerrero

    Prosecute the bastards. Make them lose their jobs.

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  26. A Colleen Bonaventura

    I want to sign a petition to be able to press charges against these poor excuses for police officers. They need to go to jail, and never be in a position of authority, because it’s obvious they want to only abuse power.

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  27. DianA ksenzowski

    They need go to jail karma is bitch they will get what comeing to them how can they have people like that on force they need. Get the affair involved and invesegate them and hope loose there jobs never work. The police department again there not police there dirty pigs I hope God punishes them

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  28. Erika

    OMG this is sickening..i am not surprised though, since the police seem to be out of control in every area of America. Seems departments are recruiting sociopathic types.

    Roots of violence are tied to being unable to empathize.
    Not many years ago, women and children were also seen as “livestock” by the prevailing culture.
    Never forget this..never go back.

    Bless you Bear, may you roam free in the Summerlands.

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  29. darla brewster

    This is why they are called PiGS!!!!!!!! This makes me sick. And we ate supposed to respect them!!! BITE ME ASSHOLES!!!!

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  30. Scott Enk

    If they’re convicted, the pigs accused of killing Bear deserve the worst legal, social, occupational, and financial (including civil and punitive damages) penalties possible. In a perfectly just world, they’d have all their assets and their future pensions confiscated and given to Christine Fry, be publicly mocked and degraded for days or weeks on end, and then, before a laughing, jeering stadium — with as many of their fellow officers as possible forced to watch (disarmed and handcuffed, of course) as a warning and an example — face a dog-loving civilians’ firing squad.

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