Kirk Cameron has never been shy about promoting his religious beliefs and social views. Remember what he said about homosexuality and gay marriage? Recently, Cameron commented on what he believes is women’s proper role in marriage. He stated that the key to a successful marriage is a submissive wife who adheres to her duties, regardless of how she is treated by her spouse.

Well is that so, Mr. Cameron?

The former child star has transformed into a spokesperson for Evangelical Christian values over the years. Cameron turned to Christianity as a teenager while on the show “Growing Pains” and developed into an Evangelical entrepreneur and moral know-it-all. He now hosts Christian TV and radio talk shows, headlines speaking tours, and runs a Christian foundation with his wife, Chelsea Noble.

Cameron has currently taken on a nationwide seminar tour called “A Love Worth Fighting For,” where he gives marital and relationship advice to couples. At his “marriage events” he advocates that men and women adhere to specific roles in their relationships as instructed through the Bible. He further expanded upon his viewpoint in a recent interview with the Christian Post:

“Wives are to honor and respect and follow their husband’s lead, not to tell their husband how he ought to be a better husband,” said Cameron.

Sounds a lot like Cameron is telling women to keep quiet and leave the leadership role to their husbands! But it’s really in the second part of his statement where things get sticky. Cameron continued, “when each person gets their part right, regardless of how their spouse is treating them, there is hope for real change in their marriage.”

So, what you’re saying, Kirk, is is that a spouse should keep trying to “get their part right” regardless of how they are being treated by their partner? What if that person is being emotionally neglected or psychologically tormented? Do they just grin and bare it, and keep trying to fulfill their end of the bargain? Moreover, what if that person is facing real danger and physical abuse from their spouse? Are you suggesting they remain in their physically and potentially life-threatening marriage because, you know, God says so?!

No surprise, Cameron has since come under siege in the Twitterverse for his statements on marriage and women’s rights. “Kirk Cameron again proves he’s an idiot by opening his mouth” one individual tweeted. For those of us living in the year 2016 where women have the unquestioned right to protect their wellbeing, assert their independence, and not be forced into submission to their husbands—that about sums it up.