Jon Stewart left a legion of fans in shock and sadness when he announced his retirement from the unique and wildly popular quasi-news program, The Daily Show, which ran for more than 19 years on Comedy Central. A little less than three months ago, Stewart made his final appearance on the show, which is continuing with comedian Trevor Noah at the helm. Stewart has now moved into the next phase of his life: savior to farmed animals.

Two years ago, Stewart and his wife Tracey, a longtime animal rights activist, bought a twelve-acre farm near Middletown, New Jersey, some fifty miles outside New York City. It has been dubbed Bufflehead Farm, as in the type of duck, and will become a sanctuary for abused animals rescued from factory farms and other situations, operating as a branch of national non-profit group Farm Sanctuary. The New York Times reports that Bufflehead Farm is currently awaiting approval of its non-profit status and is the home of four pigs, one being rescued after falling from a truck and developing scabies while it was stranded alongside a Georgia highway. In the coming months, Bufflehead expects to welcome numerous cows, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys and pigs to its confines.

Tracey Stewart has recently published a book called Do Unto Animals, that is currently number one in the animal husbandry section at Bufflehead Farm is her dream come true – and apparently, her husband’s, too. She happily reports that Mr. Stewart has recently converted to vegetarianism, something Mrs. Stewart has been practicing for a long time. As far as their two children are concerned, Mrs. Stewart says she and her husband will present both diets, and let them choose on their own.

Bufflehead Farm currently allows visitors by appointment only. More information is available on its Facebook page.