House Passes NRA-Backed Bill to Expand Trophy Hunting

House Passes NRA-Backed Bill to Expand Trophy Hunting

A congressional bill pushes to expand trophy hunting and hunting on public lands.

The NRA-backed bill —  known as the Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, or the SHARE Act — claims to “protect the traditional right” of American sportsmen to fish and hunt by opening public, protected lands to hunters and expanding trophy hunting. If the bill passes, animals that were once protected from poachers and trophy hunters, such as wolves and bears, will become fair game for killing.

Where is the protection?

The NRA (National Rifle Association) supports the act along with trophy hunters who have been petitioning Congress for almost a decade to pass it. Chris Cox, the executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, stated, “The SHARE Act will strengthen America’s hunting, fishing, and sport shooting heritage now and in the future.” Hunters may be thrilled about the bill, but what about the animals?

Amendments that have been added to the act include removing ESA (Endangered Species Act) protections for gray wolves and blocking federal agencies that currently protect animals from being shot and killed by traps. The act caters to poachers since people will now be allowed to hunt on public land, and creates loopholes that will allow illegal ivory trade to take place. One Green Planet states, “Elephants are facing a global crisis right now thanks to demand for their tusks, and it’s essential that the USFWS be allowed to finish and implement this rule.” Many other animals will meet the same fate.

Elephant ivory is now a key source of funding for armed groups in central Africa







It’s up to us to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and not allow this ill-conceived bill to pass. Please contact your senator and urge them to oppose the SHARE act. Nobody wins if America is turned into one big hunting ground, where poachers can do as they please without consequence.



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  1. Julie Siracusa

    Please stop trophy hunting!!! Protect our animals now!!!

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  2. Evelyn Kirby

    This legislation must be defeated. The age of hunting especially on public lands is over! We have destroyed most of the animals in our native populations and we have been waging a campaign for many years to protect and perpetuate the wild animal species native to our country. We have made much progress for a limited number of species, but too often those seeking to kill and destroy wildlife work to destroy our progress in saving our native animal species. This bill is such an attempt to kill thousands of wild animals for ‘sport’ and destroy the progress so hardly fought for in conserving wild animals. In fact, a similar bill was defeated in the not to distant past and it rears it’s head again so soon. Please work to defeat this legislation!

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  3. Jacob

    If they expand and allow trophy hunting on private property, that just allows the owners who own the property to have the right to protect their land, what will the hunters do when someone is killed because of trespassing? This legislation needs to be destroyed, our already almost extinct animals are in danger.

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