Be glad you don’t live in this neighborhood in Brazil, where footage of thousands of giant spiders was taken earlier this year. The arachnids appear to be falling from the skies, but are actually in lofty webs — and according to Wired, the phenomenon is not all that uncommon.

Some types of spiders are social, and live in packs. They either build one giant web or a cluster of individual webs, depending on the species. Without a clear shot of the web seen here over the town of Santo Antonio da Platina, it’s not possible to know for certain what type of spiders these are.

Entomologist Deborah Smith told Wired that these mega-sized arachnids may be Parawixia bistriata, and that this is a particularly large colony. The good news? They’re harmless to humans, as their venom won’t affect us. Plus, spiders eat bugs that spread disease and destroy crops — so we definitely want them around, although perhaps not in swarms above our heads.