Charlie weighs 100 pounds, and puts every ounce of that to good use offering therapy to shelter dogs, who are often severely traumatized and frightened from their past ordeals.

Charlie’s human caretaker, Alaina B. from Denver, Colorado, and her husband originally fostered Charlie via the Dumb Friends League to watch him for seizures. He never did have a seizure, but the couple fell in love with the gentle giant and decided to make him a permanent member of the family.

Charlie the giant foster dog therapistAlaina and her husband are still fostering small dogs — and every pooch they bring home seems to lose their troubles as soon as they set eyes on Charlie.

‘Nearly all of our tiny fosters have discovered that the best seat in the house is wherever Charlie’s big belly happens to be. These fearful pups share the couch with him, cuddle and snuggle him, follow him around from room to room, and give him kisses. The dogs that have trouble opening up to humans have an easier time trusting Charlie. And he accepts them all, submitting to being their snuggle partner, their pillow and their sense of safety,” wrote Alaina.

Charlie is a 100-pound Catahoula mix with a very special job—he helps foster small, fearful shelter dogs, showing them…

Posted by Dumb Friends League on Friday, March 25, 2016

Foster dog comforted with a hug

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