Why Fracking Companies are Jumping for Joy Over the Ukraine Crisis

Why Fracking Companies are Jumping for Joy Over the Ukraine Crisis
Big fracking companies are taking advantage of the Ukraine crisis.

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One man’s crisis is another man’s goldmine, as fracking companies eager to ride the Ukraine gravy train are learning. And not surprisingly, conservatives in Congress are all too eager to help these eco-destroyers catch their windfall.

Two bills — HR-6 in the House and S-2083 in the Senate — proposed by (you guessed it) Republicans, aim to send natural gas from the United States over to Europe, so that countries like Ukraine don’t need to rely on Russia for energy.

It’s hardly a new ploy. One of the most common cries you’ll hear from the pro-fracking crowd is that we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, so fracking will help save our freedom. The idea is that by pumping out as much oil as we can, we can save the world from terrorist regimes — and now, save the Ukraine from the claws of Russia

“Opposing this legislation is like hanging up on a 911 call from our friends and allies,” said Congressman Cory Gardner, who proposed the House bill. As Guardian reporter Naomi Klein pointed out, that’s probably true of your friends and allies happen to work in Big Oil.

When push comes to shove, it’s pretty obvious who will really benefit from these bills. And it’s not Ukraine, or even us residents of the United States. It’s Shell, BP, Exxon and all the other companies looking to expand their already-enormous piles of wealth.

How Fracking Companies are Devastating the Earth

Fracking involves injecting high-pressure fluid into the ground to create fractures in rocks, making it easier to get at oil and natural gas. Fracking fluid can contain 600 different types of chemicals — about 40,000 gallons of them per fracturing. This includes toxins like formaldehyde, and the fluid even has radium.

Fracking waste gets into community water supplies, and drinking wells near fracking zones  have 17 times the methane of wells that aren’t near fracking sites, according to Duke University. Those Youtube videos you’ve seen with people lighting a glass of water on fire? That’s fracking.

And you know that thing called climate change that’s screwing up weather all over the planet?  Oil and natural gas are top contributors.

The bottom line is that fracking is not the answer to solving the crisis in the Ukraine. No, we’d better serve the world by looking for alternative fuel solutions and not handing even more money over to fracking companies, who have nobody’s best interests in mind.

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  1. Infidel753

    It figures they’d try to exploit this for their own purposes. Realistically, what’s the rush? Winter is over and demand for natural gas for heat will be down for a few months. It would be more efficient to send Ukraine more financial aid to convert to more sustainable sources of heat.

    It’s hard to believe we’re moving forward with something as ecologically destructive as fracking while the Germans have been pouring money into expanding solar power and Brazil has developed ethanol-fueled cars. In the political environment, the most dangerous toxin of all is Republicans.

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    • Lady Freethinker

      Good point – helping Ukraine create their own sustainable energy makes much more sense. The whole fracking thing just seems nonsensical when it’s so devastating and there are so many better options. And the harder Republicans keep pushing for oil, the more Dems seem to feel obliged to “compromise.” Although I’m sure some Democrats are pretty well-funded by oil and gas companies, too.

      The more these things keep happening, the less I feel like I live in a real democracy. Corporate oligarchy is hardly the American Dream, and it’s crushing our environment.

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